Susan Kay Stuart is a mixed media artist from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a former interior designer with a passion for contemporary art and design. Susan began painting many years ago, but received classic training in the mastery program at Milan Art Institute.

Susan creates dynamic celebrity portraits and ethereal abstract paintings. Her portrait process begins with several layers, which include charcoal, acrylic washes, spray paints and markers, and is completed with oils. This process allows interesting bits of background to be seen beneath the skin. She says, “There is something very magical about watching a face emerge from the canvas, it never gets old.”

The abstract pieces in her portfolio evoke emotion with an airy, atmospheric feel; while her use of color, visual texture and contrast keep you coming back for more.

Susan lives and works in Gilbert, Arizona, where she continues to explore new techniques and materials to advance her process.



Phoenix, Arizona


+1 480-695-5011